About Us


The Open Discovery of STEM Laboratories project aims to equip European school teachers to use micro-MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses/Content) – an innovative approach for deploying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) laboratories. By applying these to everyday teaching practices, ODLab aims to strengthen the profile of the teaching profession.


1. Establish a MOOC platform comprising a collection of micro-MOOCs, learning scenarios, open education resources (OER), and STEM laboratories.
2. Embed STEM micro-MOOCs in school curricula.
3. Disseminate micro-MOOCs with STEM labs to a wide range of EU audiences.



  • Improvement of digital skills and competencies, increasing professional development.
  • Guidelines and instructions for implementing STEM labs in class instruction and embedding the MOOC concept in school environments.
  • Compentencies and understanding of the implementation of micro-MOOC.
  • Experience with international collaborative work.
  • Access to creative and attractive OERs in national languages.
  • Access to powerful analytics to evaluate students’ achievements.


  • Competencies to employ innovative methodology (MOOC) and instruments (STEM Labs) to design creative lessons plans.
  • Opportunity to bring transnational components in future teaching.
  • Access to OERs in national languages.

SCHOOL STUDENTS (12-18 years)

  • Use in classroom under direct teacher instruction.
  • Use in home education or during sick leave with teacher/parental support.
  • An increase in interest in STEM study.
  • Development of specific scientific, technological (STEM) and digital (ICT) competences and basic skills.
  • Ability to solve real-life problems by working in STEM labs.


  • Instruction and curricula designers, decision-makers of educational departments at local, regional and national levels, trainers of VET institutions
  • Unique, innovative school MOOC methodology complemented by online laboratories that improve students’ performance and enhance educational practices and techniques.